Genine was right. I didn't realise the impact working with me had really had for her and her family until I received this video.

Kim Taylor had an amazing session where she actually released a block that had been unconsciously holding her back for years. Watch her video as she explains more.

Ann was referred to me as I had never heard of someone being able to help me without needing to meet me or see what I looked like. I booked a free consultation with Ann because I had severe headaches, mental blocks, lower back pain and bladder issues.

The sessions with her were amazing. The headaches stopped so I was able to focus much more. A problem I was having at work that was causing a lot of stress improved immensely and the pain in my back was only there on rare occasions.

I also noticed my confidence improved and so did my relationships with family, friends and colleague

I looked forward to my sessions with Ann and seeing the insights she had

Mark - New Zealand
Before I met Ann I had given up on all other modalities for relieving and healing my back pain, as well as finding an explanation for why I was experiencing it. 

Despite many medical professionals over a decade, none of them could find the physical cause of my pain and whilst I always suspected it was emotionally and mentally related I still couldn’t heal it even through meditation and other alternative therapists. 

After just one session with Ann I felt so much lighter and happier. 

She cleared things for me that I had no idea I was even holding on to and just knew things before me having to tell her or explain. The best thing was once they were raised they were cleared and I don’t dwell on things from the past at all. And it’s not just physical pain – 

I have been free of back pain for some time now but went through an anxious period where I just needed some relief from stress and some clarity to move forward, which she was able to help me with as well. 

I highly recommend Ann’s services for anyone suffering from physical pain or just needing some clarity and guidance in any area of their lives. 

Michelle Eckles - Queensland 
Clenching my teeth for the past several years made daily migraines normal. 

It eventually wore away several of my teeth, followed by the bone (seriously) and more than once left me so debilitated with pain that I'd beg hospital staff to put me out of my misery - which of course they could not do. 

Psychotherapists, osteopaths, anti-depressant medication, exercise, meditation - nothing helped to shift the tension. Then I met Ann, and while it all seemed very 'woo-woo' I was desperate and had nothing to lose. 

Now after several weeks of Ann's guidance I am a new person. Ann has untangled my tension and shown me where it came from. It is so liberating. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Fiona Hill - Australia
Ann has been a game changer in my life.
In the time we have been working together I have become free of neck, jaw, shoulder and arm pain. S
She has assisted me in unblocking subconscious barriers which has released a self confidence in both my personal and business lives that I have never had before.
Although I cannot exactly describe what Ann does, it does work
Thank you, Sharon Fulwood, Australia

Ruth Oliver explains what can happen for you when you're not even in the same room...
Ruth Oliver - Australia
I suffered from severe migraines for over fifty years and as I aged they increased in frequency and severity. 

 A typical migraine would have me bed ridden for three or four days with intense pain in my head accompanied by vomiting/dry retching and diarrhoea. Once the pain finally left it would take me several days to rehydrate, get back to regular eating and start feeling ‘normal’ again. Migraines wasted so much of my time and caused me to miss many events, activities and social engagements.

Now, thanks to Ann, I am looking forward to the rest of my life without the pain and stress of migraine. It’s hard to describe, but it feels a bit like I imagine it would feel to be let out of jail, or to have heavy chains you’ve been carrying cut away from you.
Sessions with Ann have been empowering, relaxing, healing and I looked forward to them each week. 

 She healed, cleared blockages and made suggestions for changes in my life. And not only cleared my migraines but enabled me to feel more alive. 
Thank you Ann. 

Jenny Brice - South Australia
I first met Ann at a seminar whereby she was a guest presenter. From the moment Ann got on stage I felt her passion and energy towards helping people and animals. 

Her story is very unique just like her special gifts of healing. Although a lot of what Ann was explaining that day was very new to me, I felt a strong interest to learn more. 

We had an initial coaching introduction session and Ann quickly built rapport over the phone, and helped me hone in on my energy healing goals.

From there we started working together straight away and I couldn’t wait to get started. All the way through I was learning new ways of being and approaching my goals with ease and less physical pain. Ann guided me through every step of the way and was able to capture a number of blocks. 

I could physically feel the positive shifts in my body and mindset and my headaches, back, hip and neck pain reduced significantly more and more each time we met. I also started feeling more empowered, energetic and positive and started to look and feel more radiant.

Ann helped me surrender and let go of fear and control, through her relaxing and supportive healing and intuitive techniques. Of course I was somewhat skeptical initially (especially as I had not done anything like this before), but now having worked with Ann over several months I can highly recommend her to anyone that wants to shift towards a more healthy body, mind and spirit. 

Ann is a beautiful person and has a natural healing ability. She has definitely helped me in a life changing transition. Thank you Ann - you have a special gift. 

Victoria Saunders - Australia
Hi Ann,
Thought I would share the movements of my animals before, during and after our session today. 

Vincent and Cookie were on the bed at the beginning and moved closer to me and each other as we started. Then they moved off the bed sometime during the healing. 

Cookie returned at the end and Angel (the cat) joined her after she finished kneading my stomach during the healing. 
I have worked with energy and meditation and alternative healing forever. I am grateful to receive and wanted to thank you tonight for the results I am seeing and feeling over the past 2 weeks. Clarity and energy are improved. Had a very productive day. 
Hear how Denise's session went...
I heard Ann Harris speaking at an Art of Feminine Presence seminar and was captivated by her story. My instinct was to contact her for some healing. I had been suffering from chronic pain in several parts of my body, that no matter how many other treatments I had over the last few years could not seem to shift or heal. 

 The sessions with Ann were all gentle, yet powerful. We went deeper than ever before, and if I felt a huge fear coming up Ann had the ability to guide me through it so that it was not frightening. I felt safe and held through each session. 

I came to really look forward to our weekly call. And, I was always left with some positive “work” that I could apply throughout the week. And I felt empowered to take responsibility for my actions and reactions to life. I feel able to express my emotions with so much more confidence and feel safer in my body. And, dare I say I’ve even forgotten what some of the pains I had were! 

Dragica Vukas
Bella, my dog, was in excruciating pain, crying and shaking all night, breathing heavy and I knew something was drastically wrong with her as she is usually very tough. The vet diagnosed a bulging disc in her neck with a 4 week recovery if I was lucky and then surgery if she didn't improve for $3500. 

They gave her pain killers & anti-inflammatories which neither seemed to be relieving her pain. I was really worried as I thought I would have to put her down as I was not going to pay the money for surgery. Such bad timing also as my daughter was due to give birth and I knew it would affect her as Bella is her dog. 

I called Ann who picked up straight away that Bella was not happy in her home and was scared. This concerned me and I could put it down to a few facts. She is deaf and had a frightening unintentional experience with a house guest and had to be shut in a room often so my daughter could sleep. 

I moved to my sons house and Bella had her first session with Ann. It was like magic as she was basically out of pain straight away. No more crying at night and she began to move much better. Ann has saved me 1000's of dollars and has prevented possible heartbreak. I loved the stories that Bella would tell Ann as they were adorable and so Bella.

Thank you Ann. I am forever blessed that I came to you. 

Tracey - Melbourne
"I have been working with Ann this year after meeting her at a workshop last year. Her calming and powerful energy was evident right there and then. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself I was a little hesitant as I have been working on various issues myself and also with others, however my physical pain was not easing. This has been not only stopping me from doing some of the things I would like to do, causing me no end of frustration and not being in control of my own health and has made me grumpy as well.
I have worked with coaches over the phone as well as with some of my own clients however I was unsure how the way Ann works would actually work. Well, it does and working with Ann remotely is easy and comfortable. Since I started with Ann, I have become more comfortable, focussed and motivated. I have taken on other things in my life that are uplifting to me, Ifeel joy again and my health has improved. I am not so grumpy and my relationship which was pretty good in the first place has improved.
I thank Ann for creating this path and I certainly would encourage anyone who has “pain” in their lives to consider working with her and experience something a little different but extremely effective.” Jenet Kirby
I approached Ann because I had headaches and because she was recommended to me by a friend. Ann helped me with her kind and gentle approach and by working with Ann I am now more clear about where I want to go professionally as this has been my biggest struggle in the last 10 years. A couple of things I loved about working with Ann are the sessions are easy and comforting and I would recommend and have recommended her to family and friends. Josie Torrissi
I have had a condition called Restless Legs Syndrome for over 20 years. This is a condition that plays havoc with your sleep patterns, as it's at night when the legs start to move around and keep you awake. This was one of the main things that I wanted help with from Ann. Considering most people go on some horrible heavy drugs to get some relief and sleep, I was pleased that I had managed to stay off them by 'experimenting' with more natural supplements, but there were nights when I got very little sleep. I started working with Ann with a little cynicism I have to say, and the improvements didn't happen immediately or overnight. But session by session I started to have nights where I didn't have them at all or if I did they were only mild and I was able to follow my management regime and get back to sleep without too much disruption. This was almost too good to be true. I now have very few episodes at all, and I've almost forgotten how disruptive they could be. Ann certainly worked her magic with me and I'm very grateful for that.  Robyn Vintiner - New Zealand
This is what Nicola had to say...
I came to see Ann because I was experiencing pain in my feet and hips. I KNEW my body was talking to me, trying to tell me something but I was having trouble finding out what that was. I had done a lot of personal development work already and I was feeling like I had exhausted all other avenues. I knew that I needed help and when I found Ann and I had a strong feeling that this was the lady who could help me. 
What I LOVE about the sessions is that I don't have to talk a lot and I didn't have to go into too much detail about my 'issues' - I could just lay down on my bed in a relaxed state and allow any healing that needed to happen.

If you are considering having Healing Sessions with Ann, please do not hesitate any longer about it. You are worth being healed (even if you feel like you aren't right now.) We aren't meant to be carrying around all our unresolved traumas (either from this life or from ancestors or past lives) and we are so very blessed that during this time in our History we NOW HAVE a way to Heal our 'negative stuff.' Take a chance and book a call with Ann today if you are interested in an extraordinary and powerful healing experience. Love, Katie - Queensland
I would definitely have to say I was a skeptic at first. But Ann had me convinced after our first session together. She creates a safe, supportive environment and is able to uncover emotional blocks and dissolve them easily. I worked with Ann for several months and she helped me to reveal and heal some really deep wounds that I was unable to access via any other treatment modality.
Sometimes insignificant events in our lives can leave emotional scars. Ann showed me where my blocks were and helped me to overcome them. I am grateful to Ann for helping me through this difficult part of my life’s journey.
Ann is a gifted and intuitive healer and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to undergo deep self-exploration and reflection. Anne Ableman
Ann has been doing distance healing on me, treating a very very painful leg caused by a disc in my back pinching my nerves. Until Ann helped me I could hardly walk. Truly unbelievable relief. Amazing stuff. 
Thanks Ann. Brenda, London England
"Ann was referred to me by a friend. I'm so glad I followed up! I'd had 7-10 level pain in my leg for 2 years and could only walk for 10-15 minutes before it became unbearable. It only took a few sessions and now I forget I even had it! I am so grateful, thanks Ann" - Sharon USA

I am feel amazing right now.
Just had my weekly session with Ann Harris and I am feeling awesome.
Ann just did things to me to release so much guilt, pain and hurt from my body. It's amazing how I feel and how I can now view a few situations much differently than what I was. So much healthier. I know my body is still processing so plenty of water and gentle stretching to aid the transition and new way of being.
The chemical make up in your body totally changes. It's instantly when you are healthy and free from such heavy emotions.
Whoa - I'm in for another good day full of abundance and blessings.
My wish for you is to be free within yourself too. Let it all go peeps. Let it all go. Perfect timing to release with this full moon energy about.
Contact Ann if you want to feel this way 😃 She's been a brilliant business mentor too. Had lots of tricks up her sleeve. Beckie Taylor

"I approached Ann for help 2 weeks after my father had passed, and I suddenly had crippling pain in my shoulder and arms. I knew it was trapped emotion that needed releasing, if I was going to get a decent nights sleep! The series of session with Ann allowed me to deal with the trapped emotion - and so much more. To the guys, particularly, that are considering using Ann's service - JUST DO IT. My results - the pain went away, fast, and I got so much more out of the sessions than I ever could have hoped for. In a matter of months since working with Ann I have gone from financially stressed to having heaps in buffer. The investment has paid for itself ten-fold over!!! Just do it. It is not some wussy process just for the girls. Do it now!"
Ian Stephens, author, speaker, trainer.
I have had a very stiff, aching lower back and I was having great difficulty moving around. I also had arthritis in my left hip, a very painful left foot that I couldn’t put flat to the floor and a nerve giving me a lot of discomfort and all of these issues caused me to have great difficulty walking, especially up any stairs. In fact everything I did was a great effort.
I had sessions with Ann and I can’t believe how I now feel 10 years younger. To move about freely with no pain is fantastic. It’s now easy for me to get in and out of the car, bend down to put on the dog lead, or go upstairs and it’s great that I no longer feel that every move I make takes a great effort.
Thanks very much Ann. This is unbelievable. Brenda, Essex.
Ann was working with me last year as I had significant claustrophobia issues where I couldn’t go into lifts, into buildings with only lift access, into rooms with doors closed, on public transport. I ended up planning a trip away on an aeroplane, but I couldn’t imagine going onto the plane. I talked to Ann about it, who was confident she could help me. The sessions were easy and peaceful. After four sessions I could do everything again and I hopped on the plane. I was worried, but it was totally fine. Ann did energetic clearings and I used the techniques she taught me and I can basically live normally again and I’m not missing out on life. Alexandra Brunswick, QLD

There's something about Ann... And I was intrigued with the concept of working with Ann on my energy blocks. I was astounded I could lay relaxed on my bed whilst Ann worked on me via my phone! During this period we worked on such diverse issues in my energy field such as shame, my ability to manifest, abundance, bringing forth my wisdom and magic and residual anger. As a result I have been able to move on from self blame to forgiveness, from feeling blocked to developing a new program from my own wisdom, knowledge and experience that will positively impact so many lives in the future - the 'inner magic' I knew was there but had been blocked from bringing out. So I am profoundly grateful to Ann. She may ben known at the 'Body Whisperer' but I experienced Ann as my 'Soul Whisperer!' 
Beverley Rilatt-Richardson
I truly believe Ann is an amazing healer. I have had a few sessions with her now and I feel much lighter, able to focus and appreciate my life. I had severe shoulder and knee pain and now it is gone. Ann is very gentle, she puts you at ease and creates a supportive environment so you can be open and real. Every time I have a session with Ann I think it’s unbelievable the questions she asks, it’s like she has know me forever - it’s a true gift. I'm so pleased I was introduced to Ann and would recommend her without hesitation. If you are suffering or want to get control of your life, focus and move forward, Ann will help you get there. Abbey - QLD
I have just completed working with Ann and it has been a profound experience which just keeps on giving. I have gone from pains in my neck and shoulders sitting at a pain rating of 9/10 on and off for over 10 years down to a barely noticeable 2. I highly recommend the 8 weeks as my biggest “aha moments” were in the last 2 sessions. Thanks so much Ann, my life continues to unfold and change beautifully. Jennifer, QLD

"I asked for Ann’s help after experiencing chronic back pain for 20yrs. When this pain flared up I could barely walk around the house and this affected my work, my relationships and my happiness. I had already tried many traditional and non-traditional therapies but I had never considered Energy Healing.At my first session I described my back pain as feeling like a giant abscess in the back of my right hip. It felt like a hot pressure in my body that was trying to get out.
With Ann’s help I was released stored anger and frustration that I had unconsciously held in my hip when I was raising a child with a disability. I didn’t have any conscious awareness that I had done that in order to cope with my emotions so I didn’t yell at my child every day.
Ann used her healing abilities to release the anger from my hip and I felt the energy move up my body, neck and jaw. My tongue felt hot and burning for several days and I was slightly nauseous for 24hrs. That is how I knew that a healing had taken place.
It’s been 2 months since the healing and I have not experienced that back pain again! I am feeling so grateful!
Each session I have with Ann clears something new, such as the uncompleted grief I was carrying around the death of my husband and pets.
I have noticed my energy levels are higher now and I can stay motivated and happy all day long. In the past even doing the housework seemed like an overwhelming chore but now I breeze through it!
I highly recommend Ann’s service to anyone who is sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired’, particularly people who really don’t want to use medications to mask the root cause of their pain. Healing is possible and you can feel free to move on with your life.
Thanks Ann," Natalie Murray NSW Australia
I truly believe Ann is a miracle healer. In 1 session over the phone we were able to unlock the major blocks I had in my subconscious mind and completely heal the debilitating headaches I had been suffering from for 8 months. I wouldn't have ever figured it out by myself. Ann creates a very supportive, balanced & calm environment to enable you to be open & honest. Often without words being said Ann works her magic holding the energetic space and clearing the path to enable flow through your life. I'm so grateful I was introduced to Ann & I highly recommend her if you have pain, suffering or want greater clarity in your life. Brooke Maud - VIC

I contacted Ann to gain relief and insight into my migraines. I had been suffering from them for about 30 years and was at my wits end as they had suddenly become much more frequent and were lasting longer. During my sessions Ann not only lessened the severity and occurrence of the migraines and headaches, but also successfully addressed other issues and symptoms I was experiencing along with them.
I would very much look forward to each of my upcoming sessions as I would feel "better", physically, emotionally, mentally each time. I also gained insight into what was contributing and impacting on my migraines occurring and what I could do to assist myself.
I found the "in person" and distant sessions ( where I would lie on my bed and we would communicate via the phone) equally as beneficial. Ann was professional, knowledgeable, kind, calm and provided a safe and supportive "space" for me to change things, "let go" and also become informed about what was going on in my body.
I could feel the changes and the energy moving in my body as she used her healing abilities and communication to get to the underlying cause of the presenting problem and to shift it. Ann also provided exercises and tips for me to implement during the week between sessions.
Thank you Ann with much gratitude.
J.Richards - Sunshine Coast"

I have known and worked with Ann for a number of years. She has an extraordinary healing ability, that gets to the heart of things quickly and she intuitively knows exactly what is required for you personally.
Her humour, compassion and professionalism combined make you feel so comfortable and relaxed whether in person or via the phone or skype. She is one person I feel I could trust my life and my pain (both physical and emotional) with, there is no judgement, just a sincere desire to help you ease your suffering and move you forward towards a more pain free, happier and healthy future.
I would not hesitate to recommend Ann to anyone who wants to let go of the pain and live a life of well-being. 
Tracey J – Sydney, Australia

Ann is brilliant. After years of alternative healing and methodologies, I was at a loss. After we had our first session, I learned an area of my life where I had hidden and allowed it to run me. Once Ann helped me through it, my energy and confidence and motivation (to make sales calls and ask for business) were stronger than the fear that was holding me back. The next day I made 10 calls and 8 women signed up to take my workshop!
Although I didn’t sign up with Ann to help me with physical pain, her abilities to see and support me through change emotionally and energetically are first-class and worth the investment. 
Deborah Leeann. America

Thanks Ann for all the help you’ve given me, my shoulder feels so much better now. As you know it had been a problem for quite a while, so to be rid of the pain is just fantastic! I’ve also found my thinking has been clearer, and that’s gotta be good!! You have such a gift, I’m so happy I found you! Thank you once again, I’m so very appreciative. 
Lyndie xx Victoria Australia

Our dog had really itchy skin and I had tried so many things to help him and nothing worked. I spoke to Ann and she worked with him and she told me some things in my life needed to change. I was a bit shocked at first as I never would have thought that his issues were because of me. Im so glad we worked with Ann and resolved the issues as I would never want to cause my lovely boy any problems. Thanks Ann - Brend

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