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After years of study as an Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and Certified Coach, and having worked with hundreds of clients around the world, I specialise in helping women transform their lives. 

I have been featured in magazines, interviewed on live radio and podcasts and I'm published in Emerald City and Women Inspired - a book containing the top 49 women making a difference in the world and a Top 10 Woman to Watch in 2020

I know you're a smart woman too and you know what you want in life. 

Your a high achiever and expect others to be high achievers too and you're aiming to be the best leader and influencer you can be.

But are you finding you have constant pain, never mentally switch off, or work over 40+ hours a week?

On the surface everything looks ok but behind closed doors, you're miserable, in pain, drinking more alcohol and maybe trying to fill a void or an emptiness in your life.

We all want to be the best that we can be and sometimes it gets covered up.

For example, the pain begins and something that started as an occasional ache is now constantly there and causing you to be anxious, not sleep or drink more.

You know how sometimes you have a glass of wine before dinner and then sometimes it becomes 2 and then it's twice a week and then 3 times and then it could be every single day? Know that there is nothing wrong with this but alcohol suppresses whats really going on

If you really want to be the best that you can be, it's these little signals ie too much alcohol, food, shopping or exercise that allow you to know it's time to dive in, clear what is coming up and really expand to the next level

I believe you are the centre of the family so when you are unhappy or in pain it can also affect your children, partner, animals and your income.

Sometimes people can feel embarrassed when they first contact me as they think they should be able to FIX themselves or have surgery.

So many people try many different strategies before they come to me. 

Maybe you're drinking alcohol, over eating, buying new shoes or applying another strategy in your business but none of these "band aids" get rid of the pain for good and it just suppresses it for a little while.

I can work with you by phone from the comfort of your own home from anywhere around the world.

Doing the work I do is gentle so you do not need to relive any trauma. I can work silently and you will feel relaxed, calm and have more clarity & focus after each session.

I will support you to identify what your body is telling you and bring awareness and educate you about the blockage that's causing you pain or are blocking you. It's important for this to be released so it doesn't return and no longer stops you from being the best that you can be.

 Book a free confidential 30 minute, no-obligation 
phone call with me. 

 It WILL change your life.

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