Are your health issues and feelings holding back your growth?

This is where your new life begins


  • ​Physically no longer living with back, neck, shoulder or hip pain or health issues that are potentially holding you back
  • ​Emotionally releasing feeling stuck, stressed, exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious & every other emotion stored within you
  • ​Having beautiful relationships with your partner, children, colleagues and team
  • ​Having clarity and focus to create more money, time and freedom
  • ​Easily & effortlessly being the influencer and leader you know you have come here to be

Hi, I'm Ann, I'm a mum of 2 and I've been with my husband since I was 16. 

As an International Consultant in Energy Medicine I have mastered work / life balance and love to support high achieving, ambitious, driven people to have the same. 

Living with pain, health issues or stress can hold you back from living a peaceful and fulfilling life.

By working with me you can increase your performance, live without pain, have loving relationships and increase your income without burning out along the way.
As an International Consultant in Energy Medicine I can use my skills, techniques, experience and knowledge to create a unique program to support you to get exceptional results.

In a safe and trusting environment I can take you to a place you dream of in your personal health and well being so you can step even more into your GREATNESS.

Over the last 4 years I’ve completed over 1500 sessions helping my clients improve their health, relationships and financial independency.

As an International Consultant in Energy Medicine I am able to identify the cause of pain, resolve the unconscious messages you’re telling yourself everyday and support you to release the emotions that stop you living your best life.

When I work with my clients all over the world they experience freedom from pain, improvement in their relationships with themselves and others whilst also increasing income.

I energetically work with the cellular structure, neural pathways, organs and nervous system to get you to optimum health. I also release trauma and old beliefs that are stopping you from living the life you want to live. 

Using the energy within you and around you that is just like wifi I can connect into this whilst you relax in the comfort of your own home. This enables you to save time travelling to appointments and gets you back to the important things in life, ie spending time with family, friends or doing activities you love.

I love creating generational change in the way we look after our health, relationships and money. I’m creating an impact around the world to show you that when you do the inner work it has a transformational impact on your children, partner, pets and wealth.

I love supporting people to heal from physical and emotional pain and be paid what they are worth because i know this has a ripple effect in the community and is making our world a better place

I have been featured in magazines, interviewed on live radio and podcasts and I'm a member of IICT. 

I am an author in Emerald City and I have been published in Women Inspired - a book containing the top 49 women making a difference in the world and a Top 10 Woman to Watch in 2020

How Energy Medicine Helped Caroline

Caroline is a successful high achiever who was used to the corporate high life but once she had children her focus changed and she started her own business. Over the years the business was successful but it was having a large impact on Caroline's health and relationships.

She tried to ignore the neck, back, and shoulder pain she was feeling for a long time but then problems started to show in her relationship and the money tap turned off. 

The money tap turning off was what got her attention.

She contacted me because she wanted help to know how to turn the money tap back on but as I felt into her energy levels I knew she was close to burning out. She had severe pain and was regularly seeing an Osteo but the pain never went away for good.

Working with me we got to the root cause of her pain and I shared with her why it was happening. Her relationship improved and she began to get clear on what she wanted to do in her business because she was now in line with her purpose. This gave her the fulfilment she was looking for and YES the money tap turned back on.

You can be an even better, wiser, healthier version of yourself 

Being successful means you are continuously growing and learning about yourself everyday. 

This is key because when you know you have an innate ability to lead and influence others it can feel like it takes over your life. You love what you do and you are great at doing it. Your friends and family think you have made it but behind closed doors, if you took a moment to be really truthful with yourself life could be even better.
When people are driven, high achievers they think they are giving back to themselves by going to the gym, running every day, or drinking a bottle of wine each night to try and wind down.
The high expectations you have for yourself and what others have on you can be draining and can cause migraines, back, neck or shoulder pain, endometritis, extra weight, burnout, and many other physical and emotional health conditions.
Living this way can cause relationship problems or constantly needing to work very long hours which means you have no time to see your family, friends or have fun anymore.
I'm your secret weapon and can work with you from wherever you live in the world, in complete confidence to increase your performance, live without pain, improve your relationships and have more time to do what you love.

Energy Medicine helped stop Endometritis

Like Louise who is a high achieving professional who worked with me because she was suffering with chronic endometritis. She had been to the doctors, had tests done, been on medication and nothing was getting to the root cause of the problem. In fact, the doctors were speaking to her about having a hysterectomy.
The pain was affecting her ability to work at her normal high level even though she didn’t like to admit it.

She would still go to work on days when she desperately wanted to lie down to try and stop the pain. 

She couldn't wait to tell her friends

She would push through because on the outside her life looked magical but behind the scenes she was unhappy, exhausted and her life was slowly crumbling.
Louise felt she trusted me straight away, that was unusual for her as she had always gone down the medical path. She lived thousands of miles away and so we did her sessions whilst she laid on her own bed before she went to work for the day. During the time working together, the pain completely disappeared, the intermittent and long periods stopped and her life started to improve in all areas including a new job and changes in her relationship.
It doesn’t matter what pain you have, you don’t have to live with it. I get exceptional results for my clients all over the world and can show you how you can have abundant health, wealth, and happiness without making sacrifices.
Your life can be truly authentic, without the drama and you will be able to truly step into the person you know you have come here with complete ease and grace.


I come from a corporate background and now own a successful business, so I understand the pressure on you. My life completely changed when I discovered I had the ability to help women heal from anywhere around the world, and it was all thanks to a Seeing Eye Dog called Ella who had cancer.

A few years after we emigrated to Australia, I really wanted a dog. So, we decided to look after a Seeing Eye Dog for three weeks... initially.  This dog had cancer and was being taken out of service because she could no longer work. She had just had an operation to remove her toe and we were told the cancer had spread throughout her body. The vet’s outlook was not good, and we were told she probably didn’t have long to live as there was not much else they could do for her. 

Ella came to us at aged 6 and looked awful. She looked old and had lost her passion for life. As she walked down the driveway towards me, I felt my heart melt. I felt a shift in my body and in that moment, I knew I wasn't going to let her die and we applied to keep her.  I was a total sceptic of energy and alternative healing but being told that Ella couldn’t be saved by western medicine, I felt as though I was left without a choice. So our healing journey began. 

I started to study alternative medicine and go to spiritual workshops. I had no idea what I was doing, this was the complete opposite of what I had done before, but Ella came with me and we had fun.  I started to practice the healing techniques I was learning on Ella and as a result, she started to get that spark back in her eye. I couldn’t believe it. Ella would come to me when she wanted a healing, so I knew something must be working. But it didn’t end there… 

After my husband had a bad accident and we returned home from hospital, I asked him if I could practice my healing on him and, to my joy, he said, "if you want.” As a non-believer I knew he would be my harshest critic, but it’s exactly what I needed. After the healing session he told me he could see colours, lights, tingling and heat moving through his body. It worked. I started to practice on anyone who would let me. I discovered my special gifts and I love that I can help women all over the world to transform all areas of their life. 

My beautiful Ella was with us for 5 1/2 years and filled our lives with joy and laughter. She was my patient and most of all my teacher and I was so lucky to have her in my life.

How energy medicine helped Melissa

  • Imagine having more time for yourself to do the things YOU love to do
  • ​Imagine letting go of the high expectations you and others place on you.
  • ​Imagine no longer living with health issues, anxiety or fatigue
  • ​Imagine releasing the subconscious blocks that are causing you to only be in flow sometimes
  • ​Imagine no longer looking for an outside solution to solve an internal problem

When you're purpose driven you have something inside you that just keeps driving you towards your vision but what can happen is your body can show you signs that everything is NOT okay. You can feel exhausted, out of balance and push your feelings and health issues away so you can just keep going.

Your deep sleep can be affected and this means your body is unable to heal and replenished itself so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.

This is where I come in. I've been called the 'secret weapon' and I believe success begins on the inside.

Don't waste another day.

"I approached Ann for help 2 weeks after my father had passed, and I suddenly had crippling pain in my shoulder and arms. I knew it was trapped emotion that needed releasing, if I was going to get a decent nights sleep! The series of session with Ann allowed me to deal with the trapped emotion - and so much more. To the guys, particularly, that are considering using Ann's service - JUST DO IT. My results - the pain went away, fast, and I got so much more out of the sessions than I ever could have hoped for. In a matter of months since working with Ann I have gone from financially stressed to having heaps in buffer. The investment has paid for itself ten-fold over!!! Just do it. It is not some wussy process just for the girls. Do it now!"

Ian Stephens, author, speaker, trainer.

The world needs more of us using our unique skills. For that to happen, it’s vital you are not held back by unconscious patterning. 

I was born with a unique gift to help you achieve this and become successful,  healthy and wealthy.

I believe if you want to learn who you are as a person, then start your own business or climb the career ladder. It will bring up many issues which can stop you being the best that you can be.

The masculine way we've been taught to achieve what we want in our lives is no longer the way to an opulent life.  

An opulent life is achieved through living a life you love. 

How do you live a life you love? You do the deeper work on yourself. I am the person to help you do that deeper inner work. I am your 'secret weapon' to help you discover hidden information about yourself and release your subconscious blocks.

Don't waste one more day living the way you have been. If you really want to go to the next level, book a call with me to discover how to live an even more beautiful and fulfilling life.

Don't waste anymore time...


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