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Toowoomba High Tea & Workshop - 19th February 8.30-12.30

This is a paid event and is designed to help established entrepreneurial women reach their unlimited potential in business and life in 2022 

(Please note this is a live workshop for you to attend in-person)

Elizabeth Gray Author of Silent No More is no a stranger to bullying in the workplace. 

Her life in corporate took a new direction when she made the strong decision to no longer put up with the bullying she was experiencing in her career.

Make a cup of tea and watch the video.

Silent No More can be purchased from Amazon

Kym Cousins is a qualified sales and leadership business coach, author, and LinkedIn Specialist. 

Some of the things we discuss are who is better at selling - introverts or extraverts?

What are 3 top tips for sales success?

Watch the video and and learn how to to sell in a beautiful and natural way

Health, Love & Money - 5 week program starts March 2022. Register NOW

5 weeks of distant healing and live teaching sessions. Designed to help you reach the next level in your health, relationships and money. 

This is an online program and you can attend from anywhere around the world.

Fabe Kelly is the Confidence Queen and is the owner of Real Women Global.

We discuss what it's like running a business and how some days you can feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. This is a reminder not to give up when times get tough. Fabe shares the important things we need to have supporting us.

Watch the video and and learn how to keep going when times get tough

Kim Taylor has a unique gift of being able to help anyone become an Ultimate Communicator.

With years of knowledge and experience, she has created a unique process to help you understand what type of communicator you are and how to improve even more.

Watch to discover how to be an Ultimate Communicator.

Do you have something to offer and an authentic reason why you do the things you do? If so, email and apply to be interviewed on Sacred Female Entrepreneur series.

I chat with Zoe Sparks Director of Spectacular Events about how she transitioned in the travel and events industry through Covid.

She shares that through the most stressful times, great things can occur and having connection with others is the key to keeping us motivated and supporting each other in business.

Watch the video to see what happened for Zoe 

Cindy Scott is inspiring women with cancer all around the world.

After discovering the Universe had other plans for her she has been on a passage of purposeful liberation supporting women with cancer to know they don't have to go through it alone.

Cindy has created a beautiful supportive journal so that women can use it whenever they need to know they are not alone.

Watch the video to see what happened for Cindy and her beautiful book

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